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Video Testimonials


Jeanne J., June 8, 2012

I have tried several foot massagers and was about to give up looking when I found the MedMassager. I keep it under my desk and use it both with shoes on and off. In some positions it sends the vibrations as high as my knees, and I think it is helping with some torso problems also. Wonderful massager. Thinking about one for my easy chair while watching TV. Best vibrator ever.

Promo12 - May 26, 2012

First, I appreciate the fact this item arrived way ahead of scheduled delivery! Second: WOW!!! Incredible massaging power- love the ability to choose speed- the higher the speed- the "deeper" the massage feels. My husband is on his feet standing for a minimum of 7 hours a day, he suffers from plantar fascitis- and has found relief after one use! Feels the circulation increase and now realizes how important to get the blood flowing! Thank you for such a wonderful machine! I already own the body massager- so I knew this money is well worth an investment- here's to YOUR health!

DKBRICK "Kat" - January 21, 2012

Bought this for my husband for Christmas. He had tried one at a friend's home, and really helped his feet. He has nerve damage and is in pain a lot of the time. The medmassager really helps control without using medications. It is a big expense, but well worth it in the long run! Would definately reccommend this for someone else with any kind of nerve pain. It does work!

Barbara S - August 8, 2012

Currently I am recieving chiropractic care and this is where I first saw the MedMassager. I have a condition called myofacia and not unlike fibromyalgia, I am in pain in just a few spot on my back. This massager allows me to address my situation daily and I am an avid cyclist, so I benefit from it with sore and tight muscles after a ride. It is easy to use and has plenty of padding. Great tool.

Gloria Wolper - March 11, 2012

The MedMassager - Variable Speed Foot Massager is wonderful! I can get a gentle massage, which I need right now, and later, after my leg is healed, I can progress to a more vigorous massage! We searched for an easy to use, and variable speed foot massager and this was the only one that would work for us! I highly recommend it!

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