10 Fun Things To Do This Fall

Fall is upon us.

Despite the pandemic, there are still fun and festive things to do in almost every city across the country.

Look for an activity guide such as TimeOut Chicago to spot fall and winter activities that are sure to meet you— and your family’s fancy— such a corn maze, apple orchard, pumpkin patch, or winter wonderland.

Here are some creative ways to enjoy the fall and winter months ahead

1.) Enjoy the fall foliage

2.) Go to a corn maze

3.) Go apple picking at an apple orchard

4.) Check out a local pumpkin patch and bring home pumpkins to carve with your loves ones

5.) Go on a pie tour around town and look for the best tasting pies

6.) Go on a tour at a local brewery

7.) Check out Oktoberfest

8.) Attend one or all of the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s parades

9.& 10.) Enjoy a Christmas Wonderland set-up, an ice skating rink and/or a real Christmas tree lot