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Ask the Physical Therapist

"Ask the Physical Therapist" is a unique and special forum that we have created for you to speak directly with our own staff Physical Therapist, Carl Marino.

You may ask Carl anything you like. You may want to know how best to use your MedMassager or how best to manage your pain. In all instances Carl will apply his encyclopedic knowledge of the human body to your specific problem and give you the best advice possible.

Please note that this forum is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure. It is simply an informal exchange of information. Any advise that you receive from this site or from Carl Marino, PT should be independently verified and approved by your primary physician.

Carl is a graduate in physical therapy from New York University and has over 30 years of experience in orthopedics, neuromuscular problems, wound care and chronic pain. Much of his career was in his own private practice but also in more recent years, has been a rehab director for several skilled nursing facilities. His passion is helping people to learn to take care of themselves at home and believes that many physical problems can be handled at home as long as people have someone to guide them through.

He also knows sports medicine, which is essentially orthopedics, and was himself a recognized college athlete having played in the College World Series and was chosen as one of the “Outstanding College Athletes of America”. During his private practice he was a consultant to the New Jersey Generals professional football team of the USFL.

Carl will be able to help you through your questions concerning your pain or disabilities through our website. He can not only give you treatment advice, but also suggest what particular products may be helpful for you or your loved one to use.


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