Everything You Need to Know About Our MedSterilizer With Sid Scheck

Our MedSterilizers have been out for a few months, but we— MedMassager and Sid Scheck from SidsTips — wanted to fill you in on all the important details about how to use them!

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1.) Our wands sanitize up to 99.9% of disease-causing germs and pathogens including viruses like the Coronavirus, bacteria, and mold.

2.) The clicking noise you hear is the Automatic Safety Off button, which is disabled in Mode 2 and enables you to get in those hard to reach areas— like under doorknobs, etc.

3.) The batteries need to be placed inside the wand correctly, or the wand will NOT work. Please refer to the instructions in this video and the photo we show on IG for proper placement. The flat side of the battery or negative side will need to be placed in the wand on the same side as the coil. The non-flat side—or positive side of the battery— should be placed on the side where there is no coil.

4.) The UVC lights we use in our wands should last 10,000 hours, and batteries are not included with your purchase.

5.) Please refer to the instruction manual for the proper usage of our wands. Note*: While our wands are safe to use on almost every item in your home, they are not safe to use on human skin, in your eyes, or on animals. Please use caution when operating and do not use other than “as instructed.” ****