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Techniques to maximize your MEDmassager experience

By Physical Therapist, Carl Marino

Note: When first starting to use your MEDmassager unit, whether the body massager or the foot massager, we recommend you begin at the lowest speed setting and then slowly try the higher settings to your preference of comfort and relief.

Precaution: Although you can use the body massager over any joint or muscle group, there are standard precautions that must be addressed with any medical device

  1. Chronic and persistent pain can be the sign of an underlying condition. If you do not find even temporary relief with the MEDmassager, then you should consult a physician.
  2. Do not use the body massager over a pregnant or potentially pregnant abdomen
  3. Do not massage over a pacemaker or any other implanted device such as a pain pump
  4. Do not use on the top area of the head or temples
  5. Do not use over an infected area
  6. Do not use over a diagnosed deep vein thrombosis (internal blood clot)


  • Your BODY massage unit may be used over all joints of the spinal column and extremities. We recommend treatment time to be from 5-15 minutes and may be done several times per day.
  • The BODY massager may be used with massage oils if desired, but that is personal preference.
  • A hot shower or bath preceding using the massager can further stimulate the IMPROVED CIRCULATION created by the MEDmassager.

Using your MED Body Massager

Calf and lateral lower leg pain

A   This technique shown not only relieves cramping in the calf area (gastrocnemius), but also relieves the tired, achiness that often shows up in the outer lateral muscles of the lower leg. (Anterior tibialis)

B.  This is also an excellent treatment for restless leg syndrome

Duration: This can be done several times a day for 2-10 minutes each


Low Back Pain

A.  At first, use one of the lower speeds and place the MEDImassager along the muscles spanning the spinal column. You can slowly move the unit from area to area or rhythmically move the unit up and down. If you have cramping or a specific tender area, keep it at that spot for several minutes on a setting that is soothing. This will also stimulate blood circulation in the muscle tissue

B.  You can also sit in a high–backed chair or sofa with the body massager between you and the back at any level you need up as high as the neck.

Duration: This can be done several times a day for 5-15 minutes at a time or until spasms are relieved.

Mid and upper back Pain

A.  It’s very helpful to have someone help with  massaging this area, but holding it against the back of a chair also works quite well (see low back techniques).This is an area that most often results from tightness and stress of the low back and/or neck muscles.

B.  The massager is set at a comfortable level and can be moved up and down the spine in a gentle circular motion concentrating on specific tender areas or trigger points. It is especially helpful to massage around the edges of the shoulder blades (scapula).

Duration: This can be done several times a day for 5-10 minutes at a time or until comfort is achieved

Neck Pain

A.  Problems in the spinal column in the neck area typically show up as severe muscle spasms from the side of the neck to the tip of the shoulder with the most sensitive areas (trigger points) a couple inches away from the spinal column. However, on the back of the head there is a ridge called the occiput (or occipital ridge) where several of the neck muscles attach. This is an area that therapists concentrate on as it can be very tender. When massaging the occipital area, use a gentle low number setting and massage directly below the occipital. When the muscles attached to the occiput are tight and in spasm, you can get “occipital headaches” (or more commonly tension headaches) which are felt over the top of the head. The best technique involves the trigger points of the neck muscles as well as occipital treatment.

Duration: This can be done several times a day for 10-15 minutes until comfort is achieved.

Shoulder pain

A.  Pain specific to the shoulder itself should be massaged around the muscle cap of the shoulder (deltoids), down the back of the shoulder (rotator cuff) as well as the front of the shoulder and even partially into the big chest muscle (pectoral).

Thigh and Hamstring pain

A. The big front thigh muscles (quadriceps) can be relieved of muscle pain by rhythmically moving the MEDImassager from the top of the leg down to the knee and back.

B. It can be very pain relieving if you stop in the middle of the quadriceps muscle where you will find a trigger point and keep it directly over it for a few minutes. Likewise, on the back of the thigh are the hamstring muscles which can be treated virtually the same as the quadriceps muscles in the front.

Duration: This can be done several times a day for 5-15 minutes at a time or until comfort is achieved


For more information, please visit our ADVANCED TECHNIQUES section. 

Using your MED Foot Massager

NOTE: Unlike less sophisticated massagers, the foot massager doesn’t vibrate, but rather oscillates giving you the best massage possible


Calf pain and restless leg syndrome relief

A.  Another excellent treatment for calf pain (gastrocnemius muscle) and to achieve relief from restless leg syndrome is to use our foot massager tilted on its front with your calves resting on the treatment surface.

B. It stimulates the blood flow to the legs, thus relaxing the calf muscles while the arch bar relaxes the Achilles tendons.

Duration: This treatment can be used up to 15 minutes at a time, several times per day.

Plantar fasciitis (pronounced-fash-she-eye-tis)

This is inflammation of the tendons and fascia under the foot at the arch. This can be a very tender area so we recommend wearing socks. Move your foot over the arch bar slowly and rhythmically until the area begins to relax. The increase blood flow will allow the area to relax.

Duration: This can take up to 15 minutes


Relaxation technique for tired feet and ankles

A.   The setting is purely subjective on your part as there are 12 speeds.

B.   You can use the foot massager with your bare feet, with socks or even with shoes.

C.  Many people like the feel of it with their shoes on.  This is very helpful for people who have sores on their feet, and feel more comfortable massaging their feet with shoes on. Also ideal in applications where the massager will be used in a public place and sanitation is a concern.

Duration: This can be used for any length of time up to 15 minutes and can be used several times a day

Relaxing the toes

You can curl your toes around the arch bar for several minutes at a time which can relieve the pain of arthritis while the rest of your foot also gets the benefit of increased circulation

Duration: This can be done several times a day for 2-10 minutes each


For more information please visit our ADVANCED TECHNIQUES section here

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