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MedMassager Foot Massager & Body Massager With Discount

MedMassager Foot & Body Combo

Get the COMBO and save $130.00. Our best value!

MED Foot Massager:

Although not a “miracle cure”, our foot massager has helped thousands of patients over the years to regain mobility and ease pain in the feet and lower extremities. Because of the incredible increase of oxygenated blood flow to these areas, muscles and tendons relax and an overall feeling of well being ensues.

Ergonomically designed to be used on the floor whilst sitting on a chair, our MedMassager is angled as to be most comfortable whilst receiving the maximum possible therapeutic benefit.

MED Body Massager:

Designed by a physical therapist, the Body Massager offers the ultimate massage experience. Our Body Massager can be used to treat a single area or for an invigorating full body massager experience. Used by massage therapists around the world, our massager is an important tool for stimulating local circulation and easing muscle tension.

The ergonomic design is no accident. This massager is extremely easy to use solo
or with a partner. We even offer a full range of accessories for even more enjoyment and comfort.


Warranty Options:

Please note that the warranty options cover each massager when purchasing the Combo with discount.

Price: $459.90
Only for customers who require a non US Model
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